Refund Policy
 We like to keep things simple so please pay close attention.

New Clients (Month #1):

You can enjoy a 15 day, no questions asked refund policy. The only exception of when you choose Cash or Bitcoin as your payment method.

"Why?" you ask . . .

Because we will not mail cash back to you and the price of Bitcoin can fluctuate. Each of these payment issues are problematic to make refunds so if you anticipate you will want a refund, you need to purchase with Then again, it won't be 100% anonymous.

Make Sense?

So, if you want the chance of a refund - you should pay with a credit card or PayPal (however please read out Anonymous Buyers Guide so you fully understand the real point of this service.

Existing Clients (Past Month #1):

We will refund only in the situation of download or gross delays on our end to provide with you NOTHING short of amazing service and Bad Ass Support!

Under these circumstances when we are negligent we will mail you cash or repay you with BTC.

After all, we care about our rep more than we care about your silly money.

We guarantee 99.9% uptime on all of our servers so you can rest easy at night.

Chargebacks and Disputes:

Did we do something wrong? Email us and give us a chance to make it right - we are not here to run some 2 bit scam and I promise you that we are highly motivated to keep our rep 100% clean and in-tact.

In the past, we have given money back, free service, and shined shoes if we did something wrong.

Heck, drinks might even be on us at the next major IM conference - truth is, anything we can do to make it right >> that is what we will do!

Chargeback on us?

We will fight it to the ends of the earth and when we win, there will be no possibility of us working together again or a refund. Only D*Bags Chargeback . . . Of course, this is only in the case of people who use to make their payment.

Who would use anyway with such a cool service?