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 Why get an Offshore VPS (Virtual Private Server)

High-level privacy is the number #1 reason!

As compared to a shared server (regular hosting) when you order a VPS you receive total (root) access. When you choose to host offshore – then you are stepping into the realm of the elite. provides VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Offshore in locations such as London, Amsterdam, Singapore and more! To keep your data secured we work with the largest data centers and facilities. Thus you will find a powerful team when working with to build up your company with our offshore VPS solutions.

When you order an Offshore VPS with you are going to get the best online connectivity using both European and Asian data centers.

Secure information using offshore VPS.

We assure top priority tech support in fact – we like to call it “Bad Ass Support”

And to make this even more attractive, we offer several different payment alternatives. With that said in order to stay 100% anonymous, you should order using Bitcoin or Cash.

At the end of the day, owning a Offshore VPS with us is a smart move!

You will have access to the BEST support and network around!

If you have not already done so, please read our anonymous buyers guide and familiarize yourself with how to purchase while keeping your anonymity from us.