VPSGoneWild.com - FAQ
What is a VPS?

VPS is a virtual private server. This concept of sub-dividing a server leverages virtualization software so that we can take a REALLY big server and slice it into smaller pieces. This allows you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

So you will enjoy root access to your own server while sharing resources with other clients.

What are the benefits of using a VPS at VPSGoneWild.com?

There are a lot of benefits by using a Windows or Linux VPS by VPSGoneWild.com!

Here are just a few of those reasons;

More Security
Increased Reliability
Easy to use
More Flexibility
Lower Cost of Ownership

Do I get a dedicated IP with a VPS?

Yes, by default all VPS are sold with 1 unique IP. We do offer additional IP's for sale at a rate of $2 / IP.

Are VPS's secure?

VPS are secure, we use top of the line virtualization software such as KVM & Solus VM to help create a winning environment.

What is the refund policy?

Please see our detailed refund policy here: Refund Policy.

What kind of OS (Operating System's) can I choose from?

We offer a variety of OS's to choose from that include Windows Server and Linux w/cPanel for an additional fee.

Can I customize my VPS?

Absolutely, you can not only choose from a wide array of resource specifications, but you can also install any kind of software or scripts that could normally be installed on a dedicated server.

How can I stay anonymous?

Please read out anonymous buyers guide which is located here. We HIGHLY recommend you follow the 3 simple steps which will make you 100% anonymous when ordering through us.

What are the benefits of having an offshore VPS?

Going offshore makes sense for multiple reasons. Do you want to hide your location? Do you live in a country with a tyrannical over stepping government? Then offshore is for you!

Is my VPS Private?

Yes, we never go into your VPS to snoop around - we have better things to do !

What kind of content can I host on your VPS?

The short question and answer is "Is what I am hosting legal?" - then the answer from us is "Yes, you can host it!"

Offshore and anonymous does not mean you can go crazy and spam, please read our terms and conditions.