Anonymous VPS
Are you looking for an Anonymous VPS?

Good news, you are in the right place. was created with the sole purpose of providing quality VPS Solutions at an affordable price and best of all - all you to keep your anonymity.

If you have not already done so, please read our anonymous buyers guide so that you have a clear understanding of what measures need to be kept in order to maintain your anonymity.

To give a better idea and clearer picture you let's start at the beginning of VPS Solutions.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. For all practical purposes, this is a dedicated server that has all the administrative rights associated with it such as root access. However there is the enhancement of a lower price and due to the virtualization environment the over all eco system is 100% managed for you.

So what makes anonymous?

In short, your payment method is the primary method that creates anonymity. We do have non-anonymous payment methods however we have gone through great lengths in order to protect your identity.

The first method is that we accept Bitcoin which is an anonymous peer to peer crypto currency.

The 2nd is by sending us cash in the mail. If you whish to proceed with this 2nd option, your set up might take a bit longer. However you can go through our normal check out process then then send your payment to:
14-3650 Langstaff Road
Suite 26
Woodbridge Ontario

As you can see, there really are ways using the payments above where you can obtain an Anonymous VPS while not sacrificing on quality at all.

Our network is solid, our support is amazing - you will love working with us!