Anonymous Buyers Guide
There are a lot of reasons you want to stay anonymous . . .

You could be a journalist who is working on an Expose' or a law enforcement officer who needs to stay undercover, then there are those who live in counties with tyrannical governments and are seeking a higher level of freedom.

Whatever your reason is, we are here to help you!

This guide is meant to help you stay anonymous when ordering with us.

Step #1 - Your Payment Option

We started because we were searching for "Offshore Hosting" one day only to find companies that only had a hand full of payment options. One in particular only accepted

To be clear, your payment option is the cornerstone of staying anonymous. If you choose to pay us with, Bank Wire, or Credit Card - then it's not truly an anonymous transaction.

For that reason we have 2 options to help you stay under the radar.

Option 1 (Cash) << this is self explanatory so we won't explain much here.

Option 2 (BitCoin) << Keep reading and we will explain BitCoin a bit more.

For a complete overview of BitCoin we suggest reading the Wikipedia Bitcoin Article Here.

First, you need to acquire Bitcoins. For that you have a few options such as buying Bitcoins on eBay or setting up an account with an exchange like

Once you have the Bitcoins in your wallet, order from us is as easy as 1-2-3. We use CoinBase and their merchant tools which will verify your payment instantly and allow WHMCS to automatically provision and create your VPS instantly.

Step #2 - Your IP

You should install the TOR Browser which will allow you to surf the web 100% anonymous.

TOR works off the Firefox browser code base, so the browser itself should feel very familiar.

Once you have TOR installed and working, move to Step #3 to get an anonymous email.

Step #3 - Your Email

Since TOR allows you to surf the web anonymously you are now free to obtain a anonymous email to use when purchasing our service.

There is 2 great ways to do this.

Your first option is to register a incoming only throw away email using the HMA private email services.

You can se the email to expire in 24 hours, however using this option will prevent you from contacting our support etc.

That is why the second option is preferred which is registering for a free email at a service such as

The tricky part here is that they will require you to enter in a mobile number for confirmation. The nice thing is that they do not require you to "confirm" your mobile number.

So simply navigate over to and use the drop down list to find a "mobile" number that will be accepted by The purpose behind this is that their system is smart enough to know a mobile number from a random land line number, thus allowing you to bypass the account set up.


Truth is, you probably have other tricks up your sleeve otherwise you wouldn't be here in the first place.

Just remember, Your IP, Your Email, and Your Payment method is what makes ordering from us 100% anonymous!